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Archibald takes top honors at the 2023 World Beer Awards
August 24, 2023

Quebec, August 24, 2023—Microbrasserie Archibald’s beers stand out in the Canadian branch at the World Beer Awards (WBA) 2023, a competition that honours the world’s best beers.

This year’s 2023 medal ceremony is proof that Microbrasserie Archibald’s products are now more than ever holding their own on the national and international scenes. Earning no fewer than six medals, their beers stand out from the rest of the Canadian competition. These accolades speak volumes about the brand’s reputation, product appeal and exceptional team.

  • BOPÈRE wins gold in the Lager category.
  • MATANTE wins gold in the Golden Ale category.
  • BELLE-MER wins silver in the American IPA category.
  • NEIPA FIN BRASSEUR wins bronze in the IPA NEIPA (New England IPA) category.
  • JOUFFLUE wins bronze in the Belgian-Style Witbier category.
  • CI-BOIRE wins bronze in the English-Style IPA category.

Sylvain Clep, Head Brewer, and Evelyne Bergeron, Innovation and Education Specialist, are representing the brand in this venture. For them, the WBAs showcase the work brewers do and provide an interesting platform for product vision on a national and international scale. Peer recognition is also invaluable.

For these two professionals, being part of the Archibald team is a real point of pride. Their goal is to offer high-quality, wide-ranging, mass-appeal products that bring people together.

“Since 2005, our ambition has been to get consumers to discover what expression beer is all about, and the passion is very much still there, guiding us in our choices of brewers. We’re the proud heirs of the brewers who came before us, and we have the hunger to stay number 1 and create a more flavourful and inclusive future!” — Sylvain Clep



Proudly born in the beautiful town of Lac-Beauport, Archibald is passionate about good beer and food. They’re in the business of creating unique moments that bring family and friends together around the table. Since 2005, the Archibald team has been brewing and developing many different styles of beer, from classic Lagers to NEIPAs. Their 6 restaurants attract thousands of customers every year, providing a unique forest-to-table experience. Without this more than 800-person team of top brewers, chefs and team members, Archibald would not be an industry leader.