Aéroport de Montréal

975, Romeo-Vachon Blvd N,
Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1H6


Discover our special brews, finely crafted with authentic, best quality ingredients.

NEIPA IPA, 6% ALC./VOL. / Hazy gold-colored IPA with a round yet fluffy mouthfeel. Slightly sweet finish with well-balanced bitterness. Amazing tropical fruit aroma completed by peach and apricot taste.
SPICY BROWN BROWN, 6.2% ALC./VOL. / "Style: Dark beer brewed with spices (Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Cardamom, Star anise) Appearance: Dark brown Texture (mouth feel): Rich body, sweet finish, medium bitterness, Aroma / Taste: Spices predominate without being too present, caramel "
CAMERISES SURE ALE BERLIN WHITE, 4.5% ALC./VOL. / "Style: Berliner Weiss with camerises (Blanche de Berlin). The camerise is a small fruit that looks like an elongated blueberry. It grows in Quebec Appearance: Unfiltered and veiled due to the addition of fruit. Beautiful fuchsia color, pink foam glue. Texture (mouth feel): Tangy beer (slightly sour) Aroma / Taste: (sensation on the nose and flavors on the palate): Increased presence of blueberries, light aroma of flowers. "

Opening Hours

Sunday 4h30 - 22h
Monday 4h30 - 22h
Tuesday 4h30 - 22h
Wednesday 4h30 - 22h
Thursday 4h30 - 22h
Friday 4h30 - 22h
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