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1345, boulevard Michèle-Bohec
Blainville, Québec
J7C 0M4


Discover our special brews, finely crafted with authentic, best quality ingredients.

QUADRUPEL (BOTTLE) 11.1%, Extra-strong-beer aged in rum barrels, candied fruit aromas, spices, light smoky, taste of plums, figs, pastries (500ML bottle)
BARLEY WINE (BOTTLE) 8.9%, Extra-Strong-Beer aged in Cognac barrels, aromas of ripe fruit, pears, vanilla, taste of golden raisins, caramel and woody. (500ML bottle)
FARMHOUSE (BOTTLE) 7.9%, Strong beer aged in Sauternes barrels, aromas of white wine, orchard fruits and spices. Taste of ripe grapes, refreshing acidity. (500ML Bottle)

Opening Hours

Sunday 11h30 - 21h
Monday 11h30 - 21h
Tuesday 11h30 - 21h
Wednesday 11h30 - 22h
Thursday 11h30 - 23h
Friday 11h30 - 23h
Saturday 11h30 - 23h