1345, boulevard Michèle-Bohec
Blainville, Québec
J7C 0M4


Discover our special brews, finely crafted with authentic, best quality ingredients.

India Pale Lager 5.2% / 35 IBU / Unflitered blond beer brewed with Pilsner grains, Magnum Mosaïk and Simcoe hops. Tropical fruit aroma with grapefruit slightly piny taste.
Belgian pale ale 5.9% - 30 IBU - straw-yellow beer offers a slightly sweet taste, fruity and spicy aromas that come from the Belgian yeast.
American Pale Ale 5.7% / 60 IBU Beer of coppery color, aroma of mango, caramel and coniferous. Silky taste with a bitter final.
Wit Pilsner 6.1% / 15 IBU Straw-colored wheat beer slightly veiled, fermented with lager yeast, giving it a dry, crisp finish. The combination of American hops used brings aromas of peach, mango and conifer.
Weizen Bock 7.9%, 16 IBU German beer style Weizenbock. It’s a non-filtered amber beer. It offers complexes of bananas, grilled bread, cloves, red berries and toffee. Its taste is rich in wealth and ends with a warm touch due to its high level of alcohol.

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