1240, autoroute Duplessis
Québec, QC, G2G 2B5


Discover our special brews, finely crafted with authentic, best quality ingredients.

Brett IPA 6.2% / 55 IBU / IPA with fruity hops with aromas of pineapple and peaches. Fermented with a special yeast Brettanomyces, it is without residual sugar. On the palate, we feel its medium bitterness, a slight acidity, with a dry and long finish in the mouth.
Wit Pils 5.6% / 15 IBU / Low fermentation beer (lager) brewed with wheat and generously hopped. Its appearance is blonde and slightly veiled since it is unfiltered and contains wheat. Its aroma evokes notes of tropical fruits, stone fruits and melon with a touch of fir. Its taste is fruity, weakly bitter and very silky.
Imperial Sout 8.1% / 70 IBU English style imperial stout. Black color with dark foam collar. Bitterness well present with sweet finish but a little dry because of roasted malt. Aroma/taste: chocolate, coffee, burnt caramel
Triple American 8.1% / 30IBU / Classic Belgian triple, unfiltered, with fruity American hops. Aromas of bubblegum, peaches, apricots, a little honey, it has a weak bitterness and slightly sweet in the final.

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