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Discover our special brews, finely crafted with authentic, best quality ingredients.

Weizen Bock 7.9% / 16 IBU / German beer Weizenbock stye. It's a non-filtered wheat beer with a deep amber coler. It has a dominant banana and toasted bread aroma as well as cloves, red fruits and toffee. We can taste the richness of the wheat with a warm finish due to a high alcohol level.
Coarse Rye ISA 4.5% / 20 IBU / Beer brewed at Goose Island in Toronto in collaboration with Mill Street, Alexander Keith's and Stanley Park breweries. This beer is a mix of many types of beers: India Session Ale, Rye IPA and coarse IPA. It is a non-filtered blond beer with melon, peach and grain aromas. We can also find the fuity taste of melon and peachs with a slight peppery taste. The finish is very soft with low residual sugar and slightly bitter.
Saison 6% / 30 IBU / Belgium beer slghtly veiled of a straw color. It's aromas are complex and marked with notes of stone fruit (apricot, peachs) spices (clove, pepper) and banana as well as subtile notes of herbes. It's finish is mederately bitter and very dry.

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