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Discover our special brews, finely crafted with authentic, best quality ingredients.

Belgian Triple 8.2% - 25 IBU - Belgian beer of triple style. It has a golden color and slightly veiled. Fresh cereal aromas intertwine with slightly fruity (banana, pear, apricot) and spicy notes typical of this style. On the palate, we note the roundness of the malt with a dry and slightly acidic finish.
Pale Ale (Millenium IPA) 5.7% - 60 IBU- It has a coppery and slightly veiled color. On the nose, it releases fruity aromas of mango and light notes of caramel and conifers. Its taste is relatively silky but leaves a bitter final sustained.
Season 6% - 30 IBU - Belgian beer type Season. It has a straw color and is slightly veiled. Its aroma is quite complex and characterized by notes of stone fruits (apricot, peach), spices (cloves, pepper), bananas, as well as herbaceous and earthy fragrances. Final moderately bitter and very dry

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