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Discover our special brews, finely crafted with authentic, best quality ingredients.

Belgian strong dark 9% - 16 IBU - Strong Belgian beer of Belgian Dark Strong style. Its appearance is characterized by a dark brown color with ruby ​​highlights. It is unfiltered and has a mocha-colored foam. It has aromas of cereals, bananas, dried dark fruits (dates, prunes), cloves and caramel. Its taste is similar to its aroma and its finish is relatively dry despite the taste of dark caramel.
Barley Wine 8.6% - 55 IBU-Barley Wine style beer (barley wine). Its color is amber and is slightly veiled since it is unfiltered. It has aromas of cereals, caramel and toffee and is slightly fruity. In the mouth, we feel a bitterness a little heat from alcohol that marry well with the sweet taste of beer.
Sure d'Ale 4.9% - 8 IBU - Berliner Weiss. On the palate, thin texture and surette. Taste of exotic fruits such as pinapple, lychee and guava.

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